Convicted child sex offender, John Edgar Rust, recently admitted to posting racist threats toward Howard University Students using the popular online troll platforms 4chan and Reddit, reports the Washington Post

Rust posted on the message boards, including using the n-word to say that any blacks “left at Howard University after 10 tomorrow will be the first to go … After all, it’s not murder if they’re black.”

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Rust seemed to believe himself a martyr for the white supremacist cause, adding, “I’ll go out a hero knowing I made the world better."

Fearing yet another school shooting, city and campus police went on high alert after the messages were discovered. Both city and campus police amped up their patrols on campus, and some classes were canceled. However, parents and students expressed concern that these efforts were not enough, and asked why the entire campus wasn't placed on lockdown. 

Rust was restricted from using the internet due to his sex offenses; however, he visited a Panera to log on. This is what led police to him; the messages were found to have been sent over the Panera's connection not long after Rust used his credit card at the restaurant. 

Rust initially said he hadn't sent the messages; after officials found drafts of the racist missives on his laptop, however, he admitted to sending them.

He appeared in court on Tuesday where public defender Maria Jacob claimed her client struggled with mental health issues that did not affect his competency.

Rust's sentencing is scheduled for July 20.