The entire country watched in horror on Wednesday as followers of President Donald Trump rioted through the halls of the U.S. Capitol, planting bombs and destroying the building while cops did little to nothing to either stop the attackers or arrest them.

Even as the Trump-led mobs attacked police, not much was done to put an end to the violence. For hours, insurrectionists roamed through the halls of Congress unencumbered, raising questions as to why the police in Washington, D.C. were not better prepared for the planned riot. 

Police have found dozens of weapons and at least three bombs among the Trump-supporting rioters. 

Thousands of people online also noted the sad irony of police doing nothing to stop the violent, heavily armed Trump supporters while justifying the heavy-handed response to peaceful protests during the 2020 summer. 

A viral clip showed one police officer taking a selfie with a rioter who'd broken into the Capitol Building, something countless rioters took in which involved surpassing four levels of gates and multiple locked doors of one of the nation's most heavily-guarded buildings. 

While the video continued to spur a tidal wave of anger toward the police that allowed the Capitol Building to be destroyed, dozens of other clips showed officers allowing the anarchists to desecrate the building and walk out.

According to The New York Times, police have so far only arrested 13 people despite hundreds pouring into the building and attacking police. 

Many of the rioters did not have masks on and were livestreaming themselves rummaging through the officers of Congressional leaders like Nancy Pelosi. The New York Times and AP had dozens of photos showing Trump rioters gleefully strolling through the halls of Congress.

Other videos showed the police literally letting the rioters into the Capitol Building before they began breaking windows and attacking officers. 

People of all races took to social media to share side-by-side photos of how police have responded to Black Lives Matter demonstrators and Native American protesters in the past. 

Many shared photos from this summer after George Floyd's killing, showing heavily armed police outright attacking peaceful protesters. Some even had photos of the police presence on Capitol Hill when Black people were protesting. 

Multiple news outlets shared quotes from police officers who said they wanted to "reason" with the Trump rioters. 

Others shared their experience from protests in the past, astonished that police could effectively do nothing to people carrying guns and bombs into the Capitol building.

Advocacy group Public Citizen noted that there were more than 14,000 arrests during the Floyd protests, while barely a dozen Trump rioters were even detained. 

Some news outlets shared photos of Republican members of Congress who cheered on the rioters before they destroyed the Capitol. 

Despite police claims that they could do nothing to stop the mob, throughout the afternoon they continued to find more and more alarmingly dangerous tools. 

Videos on social media also showed police actively helping the Trump rioters leave the building. 

Meanwhile, both Facebook and Twitter took the unprecedented step of removing Trump's posts on the sites because they sought to further stoke the violence and rioting.