Chicago actor and comedian Lisa Beasley has become a TikTok sensation for her viral character “Corporate Erin,” a satirical spoof of managers in corporate America. Her most recent appearance was on a Chicago’s WGN Morning News, where she shared how she handles everyday meetings.

On Saturday, Beasley stopped by with “Erin Throlopolis,” manager for the managerial logistics of management for mcmanagement, for a morning meeting with the WGN9 News crew. The anchors were surprised to have a managerial gathering, but “Erin” explained why it was essential for the team.

“Okay, so I’m going to kind of come in and kind of shift some things around and we’re going to kind of restructure,” Erin said. “Let’s say 5 a.m., we can kind of have three on one’s kind of daily, 5 a.m. to kind of start, and then we’ll kind of scale and dial back from there; how does that sound?”

While taking a sip from her oversized WGN9 News coffee mug, Erin said she loved meetings, but she explained some of the most misunderstood things about managers.

“The most misunderstood thing about managers, that’s a really good question, I think sometimes people don’t understand that they need to keep their cameras on,” Erin explained. “So we’re doing this whole work-from-home structure, I can’t oversee people if I can’t see them, do you understand?”

Erin has become a popular figure on TikTok, using her corporate accent in every video on Beasley’s account. When asked about her secret to staying viral online, Erin said “consistency” is key.

“I stay consistent to my routine, I run about eight miles every morning,” Erin shared. “I drink about eight ounces of coffee every hour, and then I just can’t stay on top of my emails. I get about 30 to 40 emails a minute that comes through, and I reply to all of them as quickly as I can.”

Erin’s news debut made its rounds on X, formerly known as Twitter, and social media users didn’t hesitate to share their thoughts on the hilarious visit.

“Corporate Erin was on the news. Lisa Beasley, the woman you are,” someone tweeted with the video clip.

“Putting that title under her name. Lmfao. So unserious. 😭,” another wrote.

“If she would have said “Serve the served” like in that other video, I would have lost it,” a third social media user tweeted.

“It’s the way we all know this HR person. OMG she nails it every time,” another wrote.

As Blavity reported, Beasley created the now-viral character “Erin” in 2021 but took a hiatus from posting content online. However, she recently started making more videos in 2023 and has garnered millions of views on TikTok.

In an interview with Yahoo’s In the Know, Beasley discussed her experience working in corporate America and how “Erin” is almost every boss or manager she’s worked for.

“I had dipped off from acting and took five years and did corporate because I wanted to know what it was like to have money,” she told In the Know. “’Corporate Erin’ was all of them. That was the wild part is that it was so many of them, there isn’t one direct influence.”


Hi, #CorporateErin here taking over social media for Lis. If you have any questions regarding my new position, please follow up with me in the comments. Im only here to do whats best for the business.

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Beasley said her videos aim to illuminate corporate culture and how some managers treat their employees.

“I want people to start questioning the practices of the way America works because don’t nobody like it,” she said. “It’s the reason we all hate going to work, for real.”