Cory Booker tried to clown Joe Biden, but he ended up wearing the red nose.

Biden pressed the New Jersey senator about his stop-and-frisk policy, and Booker tried to use a Black proverb as a response. To say he failed miserably is an understatement.

“There’s a saying in my community that you’re dipping into the Kool-Aid and you don’t even know the flavor,” a smug Booker said.

He didn’t just misspeak, dude enunciated so hard Carlton Banks would have cringed. It was so bad, CNN actually put effort into scrounging up an all-Black panel to discuss the moment. Panelists April Ryan, Angela Rye, Bakari Sellers and Andrew Gillum couldn’t contain their amusement.

Ryan was laughing before CNN rolled the clip. Rye believes Booker was doing a mental Birdman hand rub while waiting for the right moment to use the quote.

“Senator Booker, you know I love you, man, but I could just see you going, ‘Oh, here comes my time, here comes the Kool-Aid!'” Rye said.

“But with Black phrases, you don’t enunciate, like, every word,” Sellers added.

“He was too pedigreed with it,” Ryan concluded.

Gillum threw up a verbal church finger.

“Let the record also show I didn’t participate in any part of this,” Gillum said.

Sellers cut Booker some slack and noted the comment endeared him to the rest of his constituents.

“There were a lot of people watching that, a lot of Black folk who were like, no, but to a lot of Democratic viewers, it was an endearing moment for Cory,” he said. “Cory had a good night last night.”

Social media was also set ablaze by the faux pas.

In true Twitter fashion, people started guessing how Booker would screw up other AAVE sayings.

Even Kool-Aid cracked a joke.

Oh well, maybe Booker can sip his Kool-Aid with his friend T-Bone.