A young Pennsylvania girl secretly recorded a video of her father coaching her to lie about physically assaulting her. The Associated Press reported Deyon Taylor was charged with assaulting his 13-year-old daughter in a case which began in June 2018.

Taylor, who was originally arrested for choking his daughter, told the judge that he was only stern with her. He appeared in court for a follow-up appearance on January 3, joined by his daughter who privately told a prosecutor about his actions.

The girl shared two video recordings with the prosecutor revealing the 56-year-old telling her to lie. 

In the first video, the father is heard telling the girl to say she lied “because she was mad that he told her she could not talk to friends or have her laptop." 

The father also mimicked the assault with his daughter, putting his hands around her neck and then pushing her away, prompting her to deny being forcibly choked.

“Did he choke me? No! Did he hurt me? No! Was he being stern with me? Yes," the girl was coached to say in the second video recorded two days later.

The news publication reported the family returned to Pennsylvania after moving to North Carolina when the girl's mother filed a since expired protection-from-abuse order against Taylor.

According to Reuters, Taylor is being charged with intimidating a witness and hindering apprehension in combination with the previous assault charges. He was initially released on $5,000 bail so he could spend time with his daughter and her mother for the holidays. 

The prosecutor, Julieane Fry, expressed she was shocked by the video and called the pre-teen a brave girl. 

“I was shocked at what I was watching,” Fry said. “She’s an extremely brave 13-year-old, and I was very impressed with her ability to come forward and do that."

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