Maybe if my last name was “Dollar” too, I’d maybe have the cash to get into film production 🙂

Possibly inspired by the success that people like T.D. Jakes have enjoyed in recent years, I just learned that Creflo Dollar, founder of the World Changers Church International, has created a new film division within his growing empire, called CAD Productions, with plans to produce at least 3 faith-based films per year; the first one is already in pre-production.

It’s called Breaking News, and it centers on a well-known pastor launched into the middle of a media scandal, after his daughter’s lesbian friend falsely accuses him of infidelity.

That left me scratching my head; does he cheat with his daughter’s lesbian friend? Why would her accusing him of infidelity matter (falsely or not), unless she had some material evidence to prove this, leading to the media scandal he finds himself at the center of? I got questions… anybody got answers?

The production is currently casting, and I’m told that “name talent only” is being sought for the lead roles.

Delano Massey is said to be the director; and if IMDB is correct, this will be his feature directorial debut.

Principal photography is scheduled to begin in November, in Atlanta, GA.

I gotta say folks, I think I’m in the wrong damn business.