Anyone who knows Crissle West from the hit podcast The Read knows of her unbridled ability to deliver an acutely profound, well-informed, deep down in the gutter read — and that’s when she’s sober. Add brown liquor and give Crissle full poetic license to narrate history through her acute lens, and what you get is a cocktail of pure magic, as we learned last year in her accounting of Harriet Tubman’s Underground Railroad.

Photo: comedy central
Photo: Comedy Central

In Tuesday night’s episode of Comedy Central’s Drunk History, West sits down with Derek Waters to tell the story of the Stonewall riots and the queer Greenwich Village community that set it off. As she tipsily narrates the history of the 1969 events, trans actresses Trace Lysette and Alexandra Grey act it out.

The Stonewall riots, propelled in large part by trans women, was led by Marsha P. Johnson (played by Grey) and launched the LGBTQ movement for civil rights. This important historical account reaches peak entertainment value in this comedic re-telling and delivers awareness by any means necessary. Check out the video below.

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