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A quick recap from last summer’s profile…

The New York City-set "Queen of Glory," the first feature film under the Adelos Media banner, directed by Nana Mensah, who also penned the script, and stars in the film, is described as “a dark comedy about a Christian bookstore,” which follows Sarah Obeng, a PhD candidate at Columbia University, who is leaving her program to follow her married lover and former professor to Ohio. When her mother dies suddenly, Sarah becomes to sole proprietor of King of Glory, a Christian bookstore in the Pelham Parkway neighborhood in the Bronx. Life in the bookstore sparks both painful and hilarious lessons as Sarah attempts to equalize in the wake of her mother’s death.

Produced by Jamund Washington of 2013’s smash Independent Spirit Award nominee, "Gimme the Loot," as well as by UK-based director Baff Akoto and Anya Migdal of Adelos Media, "Queen of Glory" was shot by our very own Cybel Martin (columnist for this blog), cinematographer extraordinaire. 

The film is "in the can" to use industry parlance, and, now in post-production, Mensah has taken to crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, to raise just over $32,000 that will go into completing post-production.

With 2 weeks left in the campaign, it has raised $25,332 of its goal, or about 78%, so success looks likely, but, just in case, if this is a film you’d like to see at a theater (or iPad screen, depending on your preference) near you, and are sold on the pitch via the video below, you should probably consider chipping in, helping to ensure that the film will be finished!

And if you need to be further encouraged to contribute, consider that the production team for "Queen of Glory" is comprised of 100% female and/or minority artists. So instead of looking to Hollywood for diversity, support promising indies like this one.

You can follow the film’s progress at