The Truth of Miss MarshallDeWanda Wise and Hisham Tawfiq are probably no strangers to readers of this blog, given that we’ve covered their work (film and TV) over the years. Both are starring in an upcoming indie feature film titled "The Truth of Miss Marshall," from writer/director Steven Bennett – his feature film debut.

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to raise $35,000 to complete the film (the campaign ends in 50 days). 

Details on the project (including a video promo and campaign pitch video:) follow below. You’ll find more on the Indiegogo campaign here:–3.

Ruth Marshall is a fourth grade teacher and part-time blogger who is absolutely obsessed with

telling the truth. The only issue is, Ruth is hiding a dark secret of her own she wouldn’t dare tell

anyone. Now on the brink of a mental breakdown, Ruth must face her past if she ever wants a

chance at a sane future.

"The Truth of Miss Marshall" is a feature

film starring up and coming powerhouse

DeWanda Wise as the title character.

Hisham Tawfiq, who plays Dembe on

NBC’s hit show "The Blacklist," and Moses

Brings Plenty, who played Chief Whitehall

in Netflix’s "House of Cards" and White

Feather in "Hell on Wheels" [co-star].

81% of movies seen by African Americans do not feature a black cast, story line, or a black lead

according to the Ralph J Bunche Center for African American Studies at UCLA 2014 Holllywood

Diversity Report. African Americans are usually left watching films they don’t see themselves

in, and when they do, they are often mired in the usual lore about race or class. “This is

something we can all get behind, no matter what color you are. The film industry is not meant

for just one or two demographics, it’s meant for all people. And black women need a voice,” says

the films writer/director Steven Bennett.

With the mentally fragile main character reeling from the death a loved one, pondering a new

love relationship, and laboring in her career, The Truth of Miss Marshall is a universally

relatable story featuring a black actress as the lead. Something black audiences have been

clamoring for and is way past due. “I’ve never seen a black woman, characterized this way.

Ever.” Says, lead actress DeWanda Wise. Starting June 23rd, The Truth of Miss Marshall will be

starting a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to shoot the film.

Most Crowd funding Campaigns offer a cup or a t-shirt as a

reward for donating to their film. As a perk for donating to The

Truth of Miss Marshall, the #SpeakYourTruth Campaign will

offer valuable resources, classes and learning opportunities for

all ages. Financial advisement, music and voice classes,

personalized Pilates videos, and the chance to have their child

enrolled in financial development courses with the World of

Money non-profit organization.

The jUsB Movement is a film production company founded in 2011, dedicated to creating

inspiring films that spark the conversations that can cause change in people’s lives.

More info about the film can be seen here and you

can follow our social media campaign on

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Here’s the promo:

And here’s the Indiegogo campaign pitch video: