nullFollowing below are details from the filmmakers, who call themselves House of June (an indie production company) via the project’s Indiegogo campaign page… their goal is to raise $58,000 in the next 30 days:

— FRIED ICECREAM follows AKEEBAH & SLOAN, two mix-matched peas in a pod living and finding self in the summer solstice of inner-city Atlanta. Faced with ultimatums by their parental figures and Sallie Mae to work summer jobs to afford their last semester in college, they arbitrarily become ice-cream truck drivers in West End Atlanta. Quirky adventures ensue when their entrepreneurial spirits become hallucinogenic.

Colorful, whimsical, and dark, the film nostalgically explores the turbulence and beauty of maturing in a neighborhood filled with the ups and downs of inner-city living: where children die in the summer, where busted fire hydrants act as water parks, and the sound of an ice-cream truck is a serenade.

FRIED ICECREAM is a coming-of-age story of young mavericks, encapsulated within a tale of summertime’s vibrant adventures and Catch-22s.


The spectrum of films starring women of color is narrow. The amount of films created by women of color is even smaller. We believe there is power in telling our stories from conception to execution. We believe there is untapped ground between Claire Huxtable and Olivia Pope that needs to be explored narratively and visually on the silver screen. Denise Huxtable needs a space to grow up cinematically. —

Watch the "pitch videos" below, and then visit the project’s campaign page to make a contribution here: