The new Cuba Gooding Jr. Fox legal drama series Guilty. wasn't picked up for next season, however, it appears that it isn't entirely dead, as the network has reportedly remained interested in it, thanks to strong test scores for its pilot episode, which was directed by McG – particularly in reaction to the series' star, Cuba Gooding Jr, as a brilliant, morally questionable defense attorney who, after being falsely convicted of fraud and stripped of his legal license, uses his unorthodox methods to solve the cases he’s been prohibited from handling, and to ultimately exact revenge on the man who set him up.

Sounds promising. 

Sharon Leal was to co-star as Cuba's "savvy and pretty wife."

And further indicating Fox's intent to hold on to the series for a future debut, even if it's not next season, the network has reportedly extended the options on four of the show's starring actors, including, of course, its star Cuba Gooding Jr, as well as Jay Harrington, Eva Amurri Martino and Julian Morris.

No Sharon Leal? Nope – the option on Leal was not extended unfortunately. Not entirely clear if that means she's out for good, or there's more to this story to come.

The network is reportedly looking to fall 2013 instead to debut the series.