nullCurtis "50 Cent" Jackson has joined Forest Whitaker and Jake Gyllenhaal in Antoine Fuqua’s boxing drama "Southpaw" – so say’s the New York Posts’ Page Six.

The Weinstein Company project, penned by Eminem (who was originally set to star in the movie, before being replaced by Gyllenhaal) and Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter, will tell the story of a left-handed welterweight boxer who becomes a champion, before experiencing tragedy that negatively-affects the life of his young daughter, and who later finds the determination to make a comeback.

Fiddy will play a boxing promoter who’s part of Gyllenhaal’s character’s entourage.

Whitaker will play a character named Titus ‘Tick’ Willis, a former fighter forced to retire after losing an eye. His plans to return to the sport, but as a trainer, are derailed after his son is killed.
Rachel McAdams will play the female lead (likely Gyllenhaal’s love interest).
And, assuming she does join the cast, Lupita Nyong’o, who was reportedly being courted by the film’s producers for a role, will play a social worker whose job is to ensure the fighter’s daughter’s healthy well-being.
Yay – another film about a distressed white fighter making a comeback. 

Production is already underway in Pittsburgh.