Members of a northeast D.C. community demand details after a man shot a 13-year-old Black boy on Saturday. Fox 5 reports the Metropolitan Police Department responded to a shooting around 3:56 a.m. Upon arriving on the scene, authorities found the homeowner who killed the boy performing CPR on him. The young teen was later identified as Karon Blake.

Ambulances transported the 13-year-old to a local hospital, where he died after sustaining multiple gunshot wounds.

Investigators told Fox 5 the unidentified man confronted Blake after he claimed to see him tampering with cars on the block. 

The outlet added there were no reports that Blake had a weapon.

While surveying the scene, investigators found a stolen car in the vicinity that could be linked to Blake. 

Neighbors reportedly saw two other unidentified minors fleeing from the scene at the time of the shooting. The gunshots in the quiet neighborhood prompted the 911 call; reports did not identify who made it.

Police state the homeowner’s gun is registered, and he is cooperating with them. 

Although the unidentified man is not withholding information, some residents within the area feel that authorities are.