D.L. Hughley is not paying Mo’Nique’s recent apology for upsetting his family any mind.

According to Rolling Out, the comedian was asked by TMZ waht he thought Mo’Nique’s apology for bringing up his wife and youngest daughter–and his youngest daughter’s past sexual trauma–when trying to accuse Hughley of a faulty contract.

During Mo'Nique's June 18 comedy show, she issued her apology on stage, which also included the caveat that she wasn't including Hughley in her attempt to make amends.

“I like to consider myself a woman of honor so I’ve got to do something publicly that I did publicly and when I f–k something up I’ve got to fix it up…to D.L. Hughley’s family I want to publicly apologize if I hurt anyone’s feelings,” she said.

“I want to publicly apologize to his wife and his babies if I hurt [their] feelings. That was never my godd—n intention. I never meant to hurt [their] feelings,” she continued. “But that n—a D.L., I meant every motherf—–g thing I said!”

Hughley didn't acknowledge Mo'Nique or her apology when asked about his thoughts.

“I don’t even know who you’re talking about,” said Hughley to TMZ. “I don’t even know who that is.”

When asked if he’d heard the apology, Hughley said, “I haven’t heard anything. I don’t listen to that. You only get so many breaths in your life and I refuse to use one more one somebody like that.”

Hughley’s response isn’t entirely unexpected; after Mo’Nique initially doubled down on speaking on his daughter’s trauma, Hughley and his oldest daughter Ryan Nicole Shepard publicly condemned Mo’Nique.

In an Instagram post, Shepard wrote in part:

“Using my mama and my sister to show people my father’s character only shows how little mental stability, dignity, morality and respect you have not only for yourself but other Black women…You’re clearly two crayons short of the full box sis. You’re disgusting and you absolutely need to keep every single member of MY family’s name out of your poisonous mouth.”

On his radio show, Hughley called out Mo'Nique and her husband Sidney Hicks for retraumatizing his daughter.

“…[Y]ou and your husband putting a man in my daughter’s room when that is not what I said, and weaponizing it in a trite argument shows exactly how low you are. You are a monster, you literally are,” he said.

“You didn’t play Precious’s mother, you let her out. You stopped pretending to be human and you won…an Oscar for being exactly who you are. Who says they love women and are there for women and ‘Protect the babies’ and would trot out someone’s sexual trauma just to use in an argument?…You don’t get to break my family.”