The Mo’Nique/D.L. Hughley saga continues, with Hughley’s eldest daughter coming into the fray.

Over the weekend, Mo’Nique reached a new level in her feud with Hughley when she reposted a radio interview featuring Hughley talking about how people were having trouble believing Bill Cosby could have committed sexual harassment and assault. To make his point, Hughley talked about how he had a difficult time believing that one of his friends molested his youngest daughter.

"The reason it hits home to me is because my youngest daughter said something happened to her and because it was somebody I liked, I didn't believe her. And I'll never get that [moment] back. I'm supposed to protect her and I'll never get that back, that she told her father something and he didn't do something about it because it was inconvenient?"


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Mo'Nique claimed that her reposting the years-old video wasn't retraumatizing Hughley's daughter, saying that even if Hughley did apologize (which it seems like he has, or at the very least exhibited contrition in the video), it "wouldn't erase the trauma."

But many people, including many of her fans, have called her out for potentially retraumatizing Hughley’s daughter by using her trauma just to get back at Hughley for a supposed incorrect contract agreement and for a question one of his co-hosts her when she was on his radio show years ago.

Hughley's eldest daughter, Ryan Nicole Shepard, has since commented herself on the matter, writing how Mo'Nique's decision to repost the video shows her character.

“You’ve now publicly disrespected my mother–who I love and care for very much–and my baby sister–who I love and care for very much to get back at my father–who I love, respect and care for very much. At this point, I feel like you are asking my family and myself to act out of character,” she wrote under Mo’Nique’s post about Hughley’s interview. “Out of all the things you could have legitimately said about my dad, if that’s the route you wanted to take, you chose to be deliberately mean and hurtful to two Black women who have nothing to do with this conversation.”

"Using my mama and my sister to show people my father's character only shows how little mental stability, dignity, morality and respect you have not only for yourself but other Black women," she continued.

“You’re clearly two crayons short of the full box sis. You’re disgusting and you absolutely need to keep every single member of MY family’s name out of your poisonous mouth. Not because you can do us harm, you can’t. But because you are adding to the historical and systematic disrespect and trauma of other Black woman…who you claim to love. And for what? A check? You’re bringing up trauma for a concert line-up discrepancy? All you’ve done is proven that you have no moral compass. Nothing is too far in your question to prove a point and I’m blessed that my parents raised children who have no idea how you could possibly go here.”

At the end of the comment, Shepard wrote that if Mo'Nique wanted to speak with her, she would happily provide her address.

Mo’Nique reposted the comment, writing, “Hey young sister thank you for the invitation for a discussion. We would like to take you up on it. Because it could be very healing for our community. Have [Hughley] set up a time for you & your family & my husband & I to come on his show & we will go from there. I love us 4real.”


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Fans still implored Mo'Nique to let the moment go, with one writing, "No…This is not it. Let it go. Apologize. You made a major misstep. I love U 4Real but this right here is too much."

Another wrote, “Can you read? She said she would give YOU her address. She made no mention of the DL Show. Slow down…and comprehend the message. It’s simple.”

“You are wrong and she is right!” Wrote another commenter. “The fact that you don’t see how disgusting you are at this point is truly sad!!”

Hughley has also reposted his daughter's response on his Instagram account, writing, "The love between our family is evident and clear and while I'm beyond proud of the way my eldest daughter [Shepard] handled this disgusting attack, this is not their fight. They have been repeatedly attacked for no reason, this needs to end."


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At the end of the post, he wrote he would speak on it later, but has yet to do so, which could be for the best. But regardless, people are waiting to see what the next chapter in the saga will be.