Twitter just made two students from Riverside Polytechnic High School legendary. Josh Holz, the man behind the lens, made a 30 second documentary style clip full of bro love, in its purest form, using his partner in crime Daniel Lara as his subject. He wanted the world to respect his boy’s fresh code – the street wear brand Stussy and white vans. Just so you knew it wasn’t a one time fluke, the video shows Daniel rocking a plethora of looks over the course of days, possibly weeks. Daniel doesn’t miss. The final product destroyed the Twitter box office.

As is customary with any internet sensation, the timeline takes the ball and runs with it, adding their own flavor to the original phenomena in hopes of getting recognition for their fire remix. These are some of the best the community had to offer.

1. Clorox made a fire reach for relevancy

2. She definitely failed, but the RTs were worth it.

3. A dope brand collaboration suggestion. (Vans, where you at?)

4. Bars. (My guy on the first verse is actually kind of lit)

5. Damn Daniel fan fiction: Baby’s First Words

6. Some people hated on it.

Photo: twitter
Photo: twitter

7. But we rose above it.

8. So the fire memes continued.

9. And continued…

10. Then Vans came through with the best poll of all time.

11. Plus, we found a starter pack so you can get your fit together.

How long Daniel is here to stay as a topic of discussion on Twitter is impossible to say. He may fade away into obscurity after another week of memes, gifs, and copycat vine attempts, or you might catch your boys Josh and Daniel on the red carpet at the next Teen Choice Awards. That’s just how the Internet works. However, if you’re already sick of the damn, Daniel tweets, you might want to log off for a while.

Photo: Tumblr
Photo: Tumblr

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