Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron is being called out as folks continue to critique the work he's done in the high profile case of the two white Louisville police officers, who shot
Breonna Taylor to death in her home last year.

Rihanna took to Twitter with a simple message on the first day of Black History Month, reminding Cameron that his tone-deaf message to mark the month rang extremely hollow considering his past actions. 

The tweet was in response to a lengthy video message Cameron sent out in honor of Black History Month.

Under the video, thousands of people said his message was offensive considering his work in allowing Jonathan Mattingly and Myles Cosgrove to go unpunished for killing Taylor on March 13 despite the trove of evidence and testimony from other officers proving their actions were unconscionable. 

Cameron has used Taylor's death and his work in exonerating her killers to become a star within the Republican Party. He was able to meet with former President Donald Trump and secure a speaking slot at the Republican National Convention last year. 

His message on Feb. 1 was ratioed almost immediately, with many people in the comments bashing him for even mentioning Black History Month in light of his past actions.