The 2012 installment of the RiverRun Film Festival in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, will honor David Oyelowo in an April 20 ceremony (the festival runs from April 13 – 22).

He'll be given the Spark Award, which launched last year to "unearth new filmmakers and performers" that "embody the daring ethos of independent filmmaking right now," and, as program coordinator Christopher Holmes adds, "With our growing reputation as a strong regional festival that continually strives for innovation and excellence, we thought it appropriate to recognise some of the talented actors and actresses who are themselves creating sparks within their craft."

Also to be feted with Brit Oyelowo are actors Brady Corbet and Amy Seimetz.

Andrew Rodgers, the festival’s executive director, added, “these artists are absolute dynamos of creative energy and regardless of which world-class festival they attend, their films are catalysts for conversation… these three just shared a knack for always being at the epicenter of the conversation.

Congrats to David and company.

Anyone attending the RiverRun Film Festival?