Today has been rough on the hip-hop community. Your presence was felt Phife, far beyond any metric the internet could provide. The outcry of pictures, memories and lyrics have been non-stop, and you deserve every bit

What you and A Tribe Called Quest did for hip-hop is something that we can’t even begin to measure. You are an icon and your name will live forever. Thank you. As a hip-hop head myself, nothing is better to me than your rhymes on “Butter.” I was born in 1990, so I missed the majority of your career, but that doesn’t mean your impact wasn’t humongous on my life

Unfortunately, I was only able to enjoy ATCQ while you guys were in disarray. But to see the love you guys shared on stage was life changing. There will never be another like you Phife, and I’m just sorry we all didn’t get to say goodbye

I think you are an example. You show us how valuable our relationships are with the people we love. I know Q-Tip loves you, no matter how many ups and downs you guys went through. I know the fans are sad we will never get to see you guys get back together on stage

It saddens me to know that ATCQ is over. We will always have the music, but the group as we know it is over – but not dead. See there’s a difference. Your music is very much alive. The biggest artists in the game – Drake, Pharrell, Kanye, Kendrick, Cole, etc. all owe you guys

Thank you, Phife. I never met you, but I love you. I’m sad to see you go, but just know my children will know your verse on “Electric Relaxation” forwards and backwards

Peace, Ryan

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