If the below tweets she posted to her Twitter followers are any indication…

1. Hey Guys. Go get the new @EBONYMag we talk about A Different World 25 years later it's the one with @AKILPRODUCTIONS SPARKLE on the cover

2. @EBONYMag article about Different World made me really want to get back in the saddle with a that show…

3. We need to revisit this wonder arena and get my crew back. Whitley, Dwayne, Ron, Kim, Jaleesa, Mr. Gaines, Freddie.

4. We need to recap this ground breaking series that is so missed in TV today..can I get an AMEN #adifferentworld

5. I get enough amen’s maybe @BillCosby , Marcy, and Tom will let us put hillman back on the block…. #adifferentworld

My first question is, if everyone comes back, would they play themselves? And if so, given that they are all 2 decades older, surely they won't all still be students at Hillman College. Maybe they'll be professors now, and there'll be a whole new cast of young'uns to play the students.

I'm just guessing… I know nothing.

She tagged Bill Cosby in that last tweet; I checked his Twitter timeline and didn't see a reply… at least, non yet. He hasn't been on Twitter much lately. 

Although I'd think she'd have his direct phone line.

So… a Different World reboot… I think this is all wishful thinking on Debbie Allen's part, but, ya never know! And now that you know she's interested in the idea, don't be too shocked if we announce eventually that it's actually happening.

But what do you folks think about the idea?