Writer/director of Pariah, Dee Rees has reportedly switched representation, moving from UTA, who initially signed her soon after her film debuted at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, to WME. No particular reasons were given.

Though, worth noting, in the same THR exclusive, it’s revealed that: 1.) Pariah, which Focus Features acquired with plans to release in theaters this fall, will screen at the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival, even though I don’t believe the film was officially announced in the festivals lineup; I guess this will do; and 2.) maybe much more interesting to note, Focus hired Ms Rees to write a feature script, described as an “original thriller” titled Bolo.

THR doesn’t explicitly say, but I’m assuming Rees will direct as well, with her partner in crime Nekisa Cooper producing…??

What’s Bolo about? No one’s talking yet, and a Google search revealed nothing; though the plan is for Rees to complete the script by the end of this summer.

Maybe someone from the Dee Rees/Nekisa Cooper camp can fill us in…

So, Pariah in theaters this fall; Bolo some time after.

Stay tuned…