Deion Sanders, affectionately referred to as “Coach Prime,” isn’t biting his tongue when calling out select NFL teams’ disinterest in Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

While recently speaking on Jackson State University’s Pro Day, which is a chance for college athletes to catch the attention of NFL talent assessors, Sanders gushed over how happy his athletes were with the turn out. However, he noted that some NFL teams ultimately didn’t send representatives, and he proceeded to call them out by name.

“24 teams came to witness our kids yesterday in its entirety, and I appreciate you. But there’s 32 teams in this Crayola box,” Sanders said, referring to the total number of teams in the NFL.

Despite saying 24 teams showed up, Sanders proceeded to call out a total of 10 NFL teams, suggesting that only 22 of them sent representatives.

“Therefore, the Dolphins, the Broncos, the Texans, the Bills, the Buccaneers, the Ravens, the Panthers, the Browns, the Vikings and the Eagles, where art thou? You could have sent somebody, man,” Sanders added. “You could have shown up just a little bit.”

“I guarantee you that you’re going to go to Mississippi State and Ole Miss. I guarantee you—you’re going to show up there,” Sanders said. “I understand; you’re saying they have more talent. I understand. [But] guess what? We’re coming,” he continued. “And when we arrive, you better be here. Because our kids deserve it, you could’ve sent a scout—you could’ve sent somebody. That’s all I’m saying. We won’t forget it.”

Sanders then wrapped up his comments on a more positive note and showed love to those who attended.

“To all that came, I love you, I appreciate you. God bless you. And the kids, truly, you should have seen their faces. Oh my God, it was beautiful,” he said.