Since his highly publicized departure from his role as head coach for Jackson State’s football team, NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders has already begun to impact his new team, the Colorado Buffaloes.

Adding to all his new improvements, he has brought his son Shedeur along for the journey, who is now a new quarterback for the team.

While Deion and Shedeur are new, high-profile additions to the team, the 21-year-old football protégé expressed in a recent press conference that he aims to avoid his father on game days. 

“I mean, from my experience with him, I stay away from him on game day,” Shedeur said of his father. “I don’t ask him nothing, I don’t hang around, I don’t play with him. I just keep my distance from him. Like, the first day of anything, and then when it’s game day, it’s exactly the same. He’s gonna snap. So, I just keep my distance from him on those types of big days.”

Before their time at the University of Colorado Boulder, Shedeur garnered a 23-2 record as the starting quarterback. He amassed over 70 touchdown passes and 6,900 passing yards during his time with the Jackson State Tigers.

Starting soon, Shedeur will compete for Colorado’s starting QB position for the 2023 season. On Sept. 2, the Buffaloes will begin their campaign with a bout against Texas Christian University.