Recapping… the thriller was previously titled Wards Island, when we first alerted you to it last October. It’s apparently now called Battledogs.

I think I like the old title more.

The film, which stars Dennis HaysbertAriana RichardsErnie HudsonCraig Scheffer, and Bill Duke, centers on a viral outbreak in New York City that turns the infected into werewolves.

Alexander Yellen is its director – a cinematography primarily, making his directorial debut.

The film was shot in Buffalo, which stood in for New York City, where the real Ward Island is located.

Haysbert plays Lt. General Christopher Monning; Bill Duke plays President Donald Sheridan (I’m guessing the president of the USA); and Ernie Hudson plays a character named Max Stevens.

A werewolf outbreak in New York City, with Dennis Haysbert, Ernie Hudson and Bill Duke, all in it sounds like it could be fun; an old-schoolers banding together and smashing heads kind of affair. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite look that way in the below first trailer. 

The film is headed to the Syfy channel, courtesy of the folks at Asylum, known very well for the home video genre releases – at times, rip-offs of Hollywood studio movies.

No broadcast date has been announced yet, although I suspect it’ll debut this year.

Here’s the trailer: