The growing tension between President Trump and Kim Jong Un has reached worrisome levels for Americans, especially given Jong Un's boasting about nuclear weapons. Retired NBA star Dennis Rodman has been traveling to North Korea in efforts to ease tension between the two men and it looks like his hopes are being realized.

The White House announced Thursday that Trump plans to meet with the North Korean dictator in May, and Rodman couldn't be happier, reported The Washington Post.

“Well done President Trump,” Rodman said. “You're on the way to a historical meeting no U.S. president has ever done. I'm looking forward to bringing more basketball diplomacy to North Korea in the upcoming months. Please send my regards to Marshall Kim Jong-un and his family.”

Last year, Rodman specifically expressed that he wanted to get the two leaders into the same room and even offered to play mediator. Rodman has visited the DPRK several times, but none of the visits were on behalf of the White House or the U.S. Government.

In case you're wondering whether Trump tweeted about the potential meeting, well of course–he did!

"Kim Jong Un talked about denuclearization with the South Korean Representatives, not just a freeze," Trump tweeted Friday. "Also, no missile testing by North Korea during this period of time. Great progress being made but sanctions will remain until an agreement is reached. Meeting being planned!"

However, in a plot twist, Rodman's hopes have been dashed.

In her daily press conference, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said, "The president will not have the meeting without seeing concrete steps and concrete actions take place by North Korea."

New York Magazine reports that Trump announced the meeting after talking to South Korean official Chung Eui-yong. Chung. Allegedly, Chung told Trump that the DPRK said it wanted to meet with him, and Trump told Chung to let everyone know that a meeting was on.

New York Magazine points out that the DPRK has always wanted to meet with the U.S. president, and that the U.S. has always refused to sit down until certain conditions are met.

Because those conditions were never met, and are unlikely to be met, chances are there will not be a meeting. 

Photo: GIPHY