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DeRay McKesson and about 100 others arrested in Baton Rouge protest

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In the wake of all of the past week's shootings, protests have been breaking out all across the country, peacefully demanding for a stop in police brutality and the declaration that black lives matter. One protest in particular was held yesterday in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where Alton Sterling was killed by a police officer. As police intervened, they arrested dozens of protestors, reported to be over 100.
Photo: Mark Wallheiser/ / Getty Images Arrests include prominent activist DeRay McKesson and at least two journalists. People who were at the protest also tweeted that at least one teenager was among the arrests as well. DeRay was streaming live on Periscope when his arrest took place.
Photo: Max Becherer / AP Right before the arrest, DeRay was talking about how the police had been provoking people. "The police of Baton Rouge have been truly awful today. The police have been violent tonight, the protestors have not," he said. Once McKesson begins to film what seems to be an arrest of another protestor, he is then arrested himself, as an officer tells him "Don't fight me." In pictures and video he is seen to brought to his knees.

McKesson's arrest was captured on Periscope of Jamila Burley.

Other videos have also appeared, seemingly from DeRay's live stream.

Fellow activists Brittany Packnett and Johnetta Elzie tweeted about what was going on.

They are asking for people to call the BRPD.

According to Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowry, DeRay said that some of their hands were tied too tight, and he was arrested with 33 others. However, WAFB (who had an employee taken into custody) says  that over 100 were arrested in total from Saturday's protest. There has been an official CrowdRise page created to assist in bail money for those arrested. Right now, people are still asked to call the Baton Rouge Police Department at 225-358-4009 and demand for the release of the protestors. UPDATE: Johnetta Elzie tweeted that DeRay had been released after bail was processed and lawyers were working to get others processed and released. ABC News also talked to DeRay right after he was released.

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