The SocialHoodWatch monitors these hashtagged streets for acts of civility and criminality alike. Just as the world turns, the tide of public opinion sways from minute to minute. We can praise your fave’s woke post today; yet, drag them for their ignorance tomorrow. Read below for the good, the bad and the ugly in celebrity posts.

The Good – DeRay runs for Mayor

Photo: @lukebroadwater / Twitter
Photo: @lukebroadwater / Twitter

Amidst the charade that is the 2016 election, a bit of authenticity shined when #BlackLivesMatter activist DeRay Mckesson announced his filing for mayor in the city of Baltimore.

The reaction across most of Twitter was congratulatory.

Mckesson and his dutiful vest rose to notoriety while championing dialogue surrounding police brutality after the killing of Michael Brown in 2014. The former teacher is a native of Baltimore.

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The Bad – Battle of the ATL Gibberish Rappers

Photo: YouTube screenshot

Future and Young Thug found themselves in a tweef of subliminal shots upon the release of new music on both sides. The Atlanta rappers have been scuffling back and forth for a while, given their musical styles are very similar. Future innocently hinted at another project.

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Young Thug took it upon himself to reference Navaydius (Future) with the following responses.

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This started a back and forth that continued as Future later announced a new deal with Apple Music.

Young Thug was not impressed.


The source of Thugger’s anger stemmed from Future overshadowing his pending release Slime Season 3. In a seemingly unbothered move, Young pulled a Kanye switching up the title of his mixtape.

In the words of the late Rodney King..

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The Ugly – Zola’s tale coming to a screen near you

The twisted Twitter tale of two strippers, a boyfriend and a drug dealer is apparently getting the cinematic treatment. Actor James Franco will direct the story of Zola’s explicitly wild night down in Florida.

The embellished narrative captured Twitter’s attention for almost a month last October as everyone speculated the validity of the story. The idea of a film, especially directed by Franco, received mixed reviews.

Will you watch a film based on Zola?? Does it deserve a theatrical release or the Redbox treatment? Just another conundrum to ponder in this week’s edition of #TheSocialhoodWatch.

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