The Fifth Pan-African Congress and Pan-African Film InstallationFor our readers in London, from my inbox, here’s something to add to your July event calendars, taking place at Autograph ABP, on Rivington Place, in Shoreditch.

"The Fifth Pan-African Congress and Pan-African Film Installation" – July 16 to September 12, 2015

This is the first exhibition showing John Deakin’s photographs of the Fifth Pan-African Congress as a body of work.

The Fifth Pan-African Congress took place in Manchester in October 1945, five months after the end of the Second World War. The Congress demanded that European powers liberate hundreds of millions of Africans living under colonial rule, and passed radical measures condemning imperialism, racial discrimination and capitalism.

A Pan-African Film Installation will accompany the exhibition, screening four films exploring Pan-African history and ideals, guest-curated by June Givanni. Films in the installation will include "The First World Festival of Negro Arts" (1966, dir. William Greaves), "W. E. B. Du Bois: A Biography in Four Voices" (1996, dir. Louis Massiah), and "Aimee Cesaire:  A Voice for History" (1994, dir. Euzhan Palcy). Two films from "The CLR James Lectures" will also be shown: "The Caribbean" and "Africa" (both 1983, dir. H.O. Nazareth).

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