Donald Trump supporters brought chaos and mayhem to the TCF Center in Downtown Detroit on Wednesday after the presidential election. According to WWJ Newsradio 950, a swarm of Republican protesters attempted to bum-rush the building filled with poll workers in an attempt to stop the ballot-counting process. 

As poll workers performed their civic duties, Trump disruptors could be heard yelling, “Stop the count!”

Some members of the rowdy bunch who referred to themselves as “election challengers” were shut down by election officials after they tried to enter the building, which was at capacity. The officials’ denial of entry didn’t go over well, and Detroit police were forced to intervene. Law enforcement blocked the entrance to the center, infuriating protesters. The irate Republicans were so unruly that poll workers took to taping the windows with pizza boxes to quash their disruptive behavior.

The incident occurred right before Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was announced as the projected winner for the state of Michigan, winning the Electoral College votes over Trump, according to the Associated Press.

On the same day, Trump enacted his right to file a lawsuit in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Michigan, to suppress absentee votes, according to the Associated Press.

The lawsuit alleges that Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson had permitted absentee ballots to be counted without bipartisan representation. Trump accused the politician of “undermining the constitutional right of all Michigan voters.”

Democrats called the president’s act of desperation “a long shot.”

WWJ also reported unsubstantiated claims were made of absentee ballots being dropped off at the facility after 3 a.m. despite officials declaring the last batch of votes had already been processed. A statement written by Michigan’s Republican Party accused Wayne County poll workers of cheating after they didn’t disclose how long it would be before the absentee ballots were counted. 

Michigan’s Republican Party chairwoman Laura Cox addressed the unsubstantiated claims, saying the incident was "troubling."

“The irregularities reported this morning are incredibly troubling, especially given how close the election results are in Michigan,” she said. “At this point, it is unclear whether or not these issues were caused by incompetence or corruption, but the fact that they exist is of great concern, and the Michigan Republican Party will spare no expense to expose the truth of what happened in yesterday’s election.”

The state’s Attorney General Dana Nessel, however, rejected the comments in Cox’s statement.

“Michigan’s elections have been conducted transparently, with access provided for both political parties and the public, and using a robust system of checks and balances to ensure that all ballots are counted fairly and accurately,” Nessel told WWJ.

In 2016, President Trump lost the popular vote to then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Rodham-Clinton by nearly three million votes, according to The Conversation. He went on to secure his place at the White House after gaining the majority of the electoral college votes over Clinton.