The pretty great film wesbite (well not as great as S & A) which is part of Turner Classic Movies called Movie Morlocks, which is devoted exclusively to older classic films from the 1930-1970's, just this week posted an long and extensive interview with actress and singer Diahann Carroll about her film career.

It's maybe the first interview I've ever seen with her that was totally devoted to her film work and though she doesn't talk much in detail about Claudine, which is without question her best film role, she does talk about other films she acted in such as Porgy and Bess, Paris Blues, The Spilt, Hurry Sundown and of course her TV show Julia.

The interview was orginally done in 2009 so there's no mention about her most recent work as a regular on the USA Network series White Collar and on the upcoming Tyler Perry produced film We The Peebles, but it's still a terrirfic interview.

You can read it HERE