“Leo DiCaprio has taken my place as his (Martin Scorsese’s) go-to guy.” Robert De Niro

A survey on a slow news day… 

Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro were a frequent director/actor tag-team, collaborating on several films early in their careers, making a grand total of eight films together since 1973’s Mean Streets. The last time they worked together was on 1995’s Casino, which seems like ages ago now – almost 20 years!
I suddenly feel old.
Both men got older together, and given how less in demand actors, in general, become as they age (in an industry that caters heavily to a youthful audience), eventually Scorsese would find a new, younger leading man in Leonardo DiCaprio, who essentially picked up where De Niro left off, continuing the director/actor relationship, with their first collaboration together, 2002’s Gangs of New York.
Since then, the Scorsese/DiCaprio combo has produced 4 films, with 1 on the way (The Wolf Of Wall Street), to make it 5.
I don’t think I’m going out on a limb when I say that Spike Lee is one of the most celebrated black directors working within the Hollywood studio system today (and maybe even of all time), if not THE most celebrated, with a number of films that have become classics, to his name, not-so-unlike Scorsese. And also like Scorsese, Spike frequently collaborated with one actor (also of his generation) in particular, throughout his career – that actor being Denzel Washington.
The Spike/Denzel team has produced 4 films together (there might soon be fifth, with a sequel to Inside Man rumored). 
So here’s my question for you guys (although I’m sure you’ve figured it out): Just as DiCaprio effectively “replaced” De Niro as Scorsese’s younger leading man of choice, what young black actor of DiCaprio’s generation, would you like to see “replace” Denzel Washington as Spike Lee’s leading man of choice, if/whenever that happens? 
Hypothetically speaking, of course! It’s all in good fun, so just play along.