Danity Kane member Aubrey O’Day still has a bone to pick with her former mentor Diddy about some of his questionable decisions during the group’s heyday back in the early aughts.

Over the years, she’s made claims against the founder of Bad Boy Records and the deal Danity Kane possessed with the label.

She recently alleged Diddy nabbed tracks from the group for his 2006 record, Press Play. She took great liberty to rant on Twitter when she responded to a fan asking whether there were “any songs that you or DK recorded that ultimately went to another artist.”

O’Day shamelessly cleared the ambiguous air and revealed Diddy took a few of their records and repurposed them for his fourth studio album:

“Diddy took 3 songs from us and put them on his album,” she revealed. “His song with Christina [Aguilera]. His song with Nicole [Scherzinger] from [Pussycat Dolls], it’s still D Woods voice saying it’s bad boy b***h in the beginning & after love w Keri Hilson. All of those we recorded.”

“Come to Me” featuring Scherzinger reached the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, while the Christina Aguilera-assisted “Tell Me” peaked at No. 47.

O’Day has previously confronted Diddy for his sketchy behavior. In 2019, Diddy lightly suggested plans to revive the classic hit series Making the Band, which created Danity Kane. Moreover, O’Day called out Diddy after speculations he neglected Danity Kane.

“You had making the band because of US! Dare you to bring the true STARS back and show you can FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED,” she commented under Diddy’s post.