For some time now, there has been some animosity brewing between DJ Akademiks and Lil Baby. In 2020 through 2021, several tweets from DJ Akademiks eluded to him being a huge fan of the Atlanta rapper with him referring to him as the hip hop’s MVP of 2020 and showing love to Baby’s “Emotionally Scarred” track.

However, at some point, things took a turn and it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when things began to go south between the two.

According to Akademiks, his main account was blocked by Lil Baby and that left him feeling slighted. In a recent Twitch stream the blogger said, “All these rappers are very in their feelings… Of all the rappers I’m beefing with, none of them blocked me. Lil Baby blocked me.”

Now, after their tension has continued to build, and the two have gone back and forth, Lil Baby has put their feud on wax. On his new 23-track album, There’s Only Me, Baby makes mention of the blogger twice.