DJ Envy and Angela Yee have responded to each other after Yee’s recent initial comments about The Breakfast Club.

Yee, who was talking about her exit from The Breakfast Club and about being the only female host on the show, said it was difficult working exclusively with men and she didn’t get much support from her colleagues, Complex reported.

“I was the only woman who worked there, too; I mean when it came to producers, camera people—and it wasn’t an easy room for me to be in,” Yee told Hall. “I feel like I did need more like backup you know because even things that I felt, as a woman … somebody can’t understand your point of view because they’re not coming from where you come from. So that was hard for me too, to be the only woman there.”

DJ Envy, who hosted the Breakfast Club with Yee and Charlamagne tha God, expressed his thoughts when he responded to a clip of the interview shared on The Shade Room Instagram page.

“There are plenty of women that work behind the scenes on [The Breakfast Club],” adding that Yee’s comments were “just not true.”


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In a later interview, with the Michigan Chronicle (posted on The Shade Room), Envy further addressed what Yee said.

“It was her, Charlamagne and myself, so she was the only woman on air,” he said. “But behind the scenes, I mean, our boss – the actual person that pays our bills and pays our checks and hires us – is Thea Mitchem, who’s a woman. I think she misspoke, I think the words were taken out of I guess technicality. I’m sure she would clean it up, but there’s a lot of women who work on that show.”


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Yee also said it was difficult to work on The Breakfast Club because she was held accountable for her colleagues’ comments.

“Sometimes I would feel like I got it harder than [Charlamagne tha God] did for some things that he said,” Yee explained. “And so I also want to make it clear that we’re all three individuals. You say what you say, feel how you feel, and I do too. But it’s hard because people affiliate you with the whole group.”

Yee, who is now hosting her won show, said she is relieved because she’s only responsible for her own comments.

After DJ Envy responded to her initial comments, Yee tweeted that she didn’t know her remarks would gain traction.

In a series of tweets, she said: