I just can’t help myself. Here I go yet again being ever vigilant. Am I being
super sensitive or do I detect some more sinister going-ons here?

And I prefer to believe the latter, but here’s another ad
I’ve came across which, when I saw for the first time yesterday, made me
“Whoa! They actually did that???”

It’s a new TV spot for Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Body Lotion for men. O.K. I get it. Selling
body lotion to men is a really hard sell, so it makes sense to get some masculine, hard-bodied football players to hype the product to say, in effect, to potential buyers that: “Hey, its O.K. guys. You can use body lotion and no one will think you’re…

So, for the spot they got Devin McCourty, who plays for the New England Patriots and his identical twin brother Jason, who plays for the Tennessee Titans (I had to look them up
because I had no idea who they were, and in fact I was so clueless about them I actually
thought it was some CGI special effect for a second).

A typical ad with some athlete hawking something I
thought; that is, until, the final punchline gag for the spot, which I immediately
called “The Black Man’s Dream,” when I
saw it.

I suspect Palmer may see an increase in sales by black men
once the spot is more widely seen.

But seriously folks, what exactly is the message the
ad is really selling? You tell me. Am I out of line, or on point?