nullWhen it
comes to the current state of black relationships you can either laugh or cry
or watch Steve Harvey. But if you don’t want to go down that depressing route,
you can watch instead filmmaker Tamarat Makonnen’s witty and definitely more
uplifting take on the neverending and perplexing issue in his documentary film “In Search of
the Black Knight”.

As the
filmmaker says: “The shortage of black men to women is a pretty hot topic in
many circles. I thought it would be great to address the issue, but from a
humorous perspective…I really wanted to make sure that it was both
thought-provoking and entertaining. Combining professional advice, street
interviews and sketch comedy helped to bring that balance.”

As for Makonnen
he has had an extensive career as a director with music videos and EPKs for several
artists and the feature film drama “Dreams and Shadows”. He has also recently ventured
in the web series world directing episodes of the series “The Unwritten Rules”.

Now after
playing the film festival circuit last year In Search of the Black Knight is
available now on DVD through Amazon and also on VOD on Amazon Instant Video and
Vimeo On Demand.