The 64th Grammy award show in Las Vegas was a star-studded evening full of spontaneous moments, and there was an honest one with Doja Cat that had everyone talking.

While accepting her Grammy Doja Cat confessed she nearly missed accepting her Grammy award with SZA because she was taking a restroom break.

The two artists won the Grammy award for Best Pop Duo / Group Performance for their hit track, “Kiss Me More.”

The acceptance speech was a moment in itself, with SZA walking to the stage in her long sheer floral gown with crutches followed by Doja Cat seconds later, rushing behind SZA to the stage.

SZA jokingly shaded Doja for almost missing their win.

“Girl, you went to the bathroom for like five minutes, are you serious?” SZA playfully said.

The “Need to know” rapper revealed she had to cut things short in the restroom as they called her name.

“Listen, I’ve never taken a piss so fast in my whole life,” Doja said once she made it to the mic.