Some Doja Cat supporters reconsidered their loyalty to the singer over the weekend after she criticized several fan accounts on social media for using her government name and other names to describe themselves.

On Saturday, the 27-year-old took to Instagram and slammed fans for calling themselves “Kittenz” in an Instagram comment, Hollywood Life reported.

“My fans don’t name themselves s**t,” she wrote. “If you call yourself a “kitten” or f**king “kittenz,” that means you need to get off your phone and get a job and help your parents with the house.”

Doja also called out another fan account for using her real name, Amala Ratna Zandile Diamini, as their username.

“You making my government name your sn is creepy as f**k,” she wrote.

When the fan asked the “Like That” singer what they should change the username to, she suggested deleting the account altogether.

“Just delete the entire account and rethink everything. It’s never too late,” Doja Cat added.

Twitter users shared their thoughts on Doja’s comments to her fans, insinuating she wouldn’t be famous without her fans’ support.

“It’s funny cause without the “kittens” she would just be a high school drop out making music under a blanket on garageband in her bedroom and smoking weed all day with her boyfriends’ money,” one user said.

“Your name is doja CAT but kittens is where you draw the line?” another user tweeted with tears emoji.

“Having an air of superiority over your fanbase calling themselves “Kittens” while your artist name is “Doja CAT” is hilarious to me,” a third user wrote.

“the kittenz thing being the breaking point for most big doja cat fan accounts and not her dating a pedophile + sexual assaulter AND blocking his victim that spoke up is crazzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyy anyways,” another user tweeted.

In addition to the “kittenz” controversy, Doja blocked fan accounts after they criticized her relationship with musician J. Cyrus. Uproxxx reported that Doja was exclusively dating someone in November. However, TMZ captured photos of the two vacationing in Los Cabos, Mexico, last month.

Since then, Twitter users have accused Cyrus of grooming and sexual misconduct. Doja’s fanbase has also addressed the issue and called for the singer to end her relationship with him.

“Just so we are clear, this is the same man. i don’t want any confusion here. this is a literal predator. f**k j cyrus and anyone who associates with him!” one user said.

Fans also addressed how Doja was blocking fans left and right after they tagged her in posts with screenshots of the allegations against Cyrus.

Another user said they were blocked by Doja and accused of “trolling” her boyfriend’s livestream on the app.

“Doja cat blocked me earlier this month then dmed me this. she thinks i was trolling her predator boyfriend’s livestream and reported me to “cyber security,” the user said with tears emojis.

While some supporters have disabled their fan pages, others have continued their support of the singer. Her new album is slated for release sometime this year, with many deeming her recent comments as part of her campaign to promote the new project.

Last month, Blavity reported that Doja released her new single and music video, “Attention,” from the upcoming album.

“I paid all my respect to those who taught me how to make it,” she raps in the song. “And now I reap the benefits with no confrontation / Y’all fall into beef, but that’s another conversation.”