Donald Glover presented at the BET Awards and performed during the Usher tribute, but he still had a bit of shade to deliver.

Prior to giving Killer Mike his Album of the Year award, Glover called out BET for snubbing him throughout his career. The multihyphenate took the opportunity to share that he was “really excited” for the awards, as he “wanted to get some things off my chest.”

“This isn’t personal but I just feel like I should have more BET awards,” he confessed. “I’m serious. It’s the Black Entertainment Television Awards. How much more entertaining do I have to do? Because it’s just the math of the fact.”

He continued, sharing that “it doesn’t really make sense” why he hasn’t been recognized at previous events.

“I have more Grammys than Will Smith, which makes no sense, but I have the same amount of BET awards as Sam Smith. Does that make sense to you guys? Me and Sam Smith are neck and neck at the Black Entertainment Television [Awards],” he said, to which the crowd erupted in cheers.

Both Glover and Smith have one BET Award: Glover won a Best Music Video award for ‘This Is America” in 2019, while Smith earned a Best New Artist award in 2015.

Glover concluded his unfiltered speech by wondering what he needs to do to rake up more BET Awards.

“If I have to do Baby Boy or something, just let me know. I’ll have Jonathan Majors put me in a headlock, shave my head, I’ll do it,” he said.