Donald Glover’s still delightfully everywhere following his hilarious turn on SNL, the debut of his much-discussed “This is America” video, the end of a fêted second season of Atlanta and the premiere of his new Star Wars movie, Solo

Busy doing all that, Glover’s also managed to find the time to become embroiled in some controversy. He’s mentioned his partner, Michelle occasionally, and she even had some quotes in Glover’s New Yorker profile, but no one knew much about her until last week.

It turns out that Michelle is white. And people were not happy.

In think piece after think piece, in tweet after tweet, the internet battled it out, arguing whether or not Glover could truly be woke and down for black people if he’d fallen in love with a white woman.

Most of those on the Solo press junket have avoided the issue. But not Xilla Valentine of BlogXilla fame.

Wanting to get an authentic answer out of the writer/producer/musician/director/actor, Valentine posed a slick question, asking Glover about the close relationship his Solo character has with a robot.

“There’s a special relationship between Lando and L3-37, and I wanted to know: there’s been a lot of conversation about who you love depends on how conscious you can be. If you love someone different than who you are, can you still be conscious towards your core people?” Valentine asked.

Glover seemed to know what Valentine was really asking, and responded thoughtfully.

“That’s what love, I think, really is at the end of the day. It’s not even a selflessness, but an understanding that I’m making a safe place for you,” Glover said. “It’s not safe out there. Somebody’s out to get you; that’s just nature. That’s just the nature of being, and I feel like you can totally love somebody and still look out for yourself.”

Glover got even deeper, adding, “I think the question really is: do you see that person, that thing or that someone else as part of you? If you see us, we’re a people together, or we’re a tribe together, or we depend on each other. The you’re always going to want the best for them I think.”

Watch Glover's response for yourself below: