Ya'll. 45 continues to be on one. 

The Tweeter-in-Chief struck again just after midnight puzzling the general public, then going viral, with a new word: "covfefe". 

While it's believed that the intended word was actually "conference", the typo quickly became a substitute for any tagline, phrase, or situation twitter could imagine.

As a 2007 hook.

A definition? Nah, we don't do those.

Reading between the (misspelled lines).

Imagining how (our) President Obama was taking it. 

In the alternate universe that The Donald lives in. 

And ultimately hitting the nail on the head. 

And while any of us who collect a paycheck at least attempt to look over writing before sending it off, obviously Twitter fingers can't be bothered. It should be noted that in the time I've been writing "covfefe" since this incident spell check has tried to correct it, so we have to ask if Donny is out here tweeting in the night with his autocorrect disabled? 

Probably. Nothing covfefes us anymore.