Donna Summer’s daughter, Brooklyn Sudano, agrees with the common sentiment that Kelly Rowland should play the “Last Dance” singer in a biopic.

Ever since Rowland dressed up as the Queen of Disco for Halloween in 2019, fans have been calling for the singer to star as Summer in a film.

While recently speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Sudano, who co-directed the recent HBO documentary on her mother, Love to Love You, Donna Summer, revealed that she agrees with the idea of the Destiny’s Child singer portraying her mother in a movie, which the late songstress’ estate may finally be ready to do.

Sudano says Rowland reminds her a lot of her late mother.

“I’m friends with Kelly and sometimes I look at her, I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, Kelly, you remind me so much of my mom,’” Sudano told Entertainment Tonight. “So much so and her spirit is the same. The whole world and all of Twitter and everybody [is] like, ‘Kelly, we got to figure this out.’”

Even Rowland can't deny the uncanny resemblance she has to Donna Summer.

While appearing on The Tamron Hall Show earlier this month, the “Like This” singer spoke about the impact Summer had on her life and music.

“Can we just talk about the fact that this woman single-handedly breathed life into disco?,” Rowland explained. “I feel like the world knows that and I feel like her daughter Brooklyn, like, definitely talked about it in her [HBO] documentary, Love to Love You which is out right now. It’s just a sweet love letter to her.”

Hall then interjected, “If this woman doesn’t play Donna Summer in a biopic and win an Oscar…”

Rowland then spoke on the similarities she shares with Summer.

“Every detail matters. I feel like my DC [Destiny’s Child] days taught me that,” she said. “So when it came to the lighting and the expression and the writing, like I learned so much from Bey and Michelle and just what I’ve gained on my own, I feel like a lot of her story [Donna Summer] and my story kind of line up in strange ways. It’s kind of wild.”