TikTok user @thesuedeshow — aka Funny Mane Suede —was more than confused when he received his DoorDash order and saw something other than chicken.

Suede posted a full TikTok documenting the ordeal as he unpacked his order, only to reveal an almost illegible note from his delivery driver.

“I cannot make this up. Here I am ordering some WingStop, and in my bag, I get this,” exclaimed the TikToker.

“Now I know you noticed the fries gone. My drink is intact, but again, my fries gone and a damn note in it,” a perplexed Funny Mane Suede added.

Suede shows an empty fry basket and then a box of chicken bones where a 10-piece from WingStop formally resided. It was enough to make anyone cry.

The DoorDasher didn’t leave Suede totally empty-handed, however. As soon as they could lick the chicken grease from their fingers they kindly wrote a note to Suede explaining everything.

“I’m sorry I 8 cho food. I’m broke and hungry. Consider it like ur payin it 4ward. I’m quitting this lame a** job N E way. B blessed,” read the note, which was signed, “Your Door Dash Guy.”

Although the driver did his best to smooth things over, Suede had no idea what to do after receiving the demolished order. The starving customer posted to TikTok gaining over 200k views. Once the video went viral there were a lot of comments from others who would have been just as mad.

Suede’s biggest question now was, who does he call?