Comic book enthusiasts will already be well aware of DC Comics’ relaunch of its entire line; although the rest of you should know about this, since it’s something we covered on this site in 1 or 2 previous posts, given our interests in the black characters that inhabit the DC Comics universe.

The relaunched/revamped series of titles have been gradually unveiled, with the most recent being yesterday’s publication for sale of Suicide Squad – a team that’s run by Amanda Waller, a character of more than a few affiliations, most recently appearing in the live-action Green Lantern movie this summer, played by Angela Bassett.

Some fanboys/girls who already purchased copies of Suicide Squad #1 since yesterday’s launch, have lamented one very significant change from before the series was revamped/relaunched – and that change is in the Amanda Waller character.

Words like “Fail” and “Radical” have been used to described Waller’s makeover from, as you can see in the diptych above, shall we say full-bodied, rotund, and not particularly *hot,* to younger, rather svelte, and quite boobilicious.

From Comic Book Resources:

Another casualty of DC’s New 52: Amanda Waller’s weight… Since her introduction in 1986′s Legends #1, the tough-as-nails congressional aide turned Suicide Squad leader turned Checkmate’s White Queen, has been depicted in comics as short and overweight, her size varying from artist to artist. Co-creator John Byrne tended to exaggerate Waller’s features, with her large frame supported by stiletto heels. In more recent years, she’s sported a slimmer look — although she’s never been “thin.” Until Suicide Squad #1, by Adam Glass and Marco Rudy, Waller was one of the few prominent heavy-set characters in superhero comics. Rarer still, her weight wasn’t used for comic relief… or somehow connected to superpowers. In a sea of ageless and impossibly thin and tall figures, Waller stood out as a squat, middle-aged force to be reckoned with. Now, however, “the Wall” is… like much of the DC Universe …

So, the argument there is, in the past, score one for the *normal* looking character in superhero Comic book-dom; but, post-relaunch, point taken away for now blending her in with the rest of the hard-bodied, slim-waisted, voluptuous, if unrealistic-looking hotties that rule comic book pages?

From Racialicious:

What made Waller unique was that she really did look like a regular person – she just had enough of an iron will to maneuver herself into a position of power. For DC to seemingly transform her into one more skinny gal seems to be a particularly arbitrary choice in a company-wide relaunch that has already divided its’ existing fanbase. Or, if this move was made in order to entice new readers to give the new Squad a shot, then who does this company exactly want to attract?

Pretty much the same argument.

So, where do you stand on this, especially if you’re a fan of the comic book and character?

By the way, Warner Bros is developing a movie adaptation based on the Suicide Squad comic, so, if it ever comes to fruition, how will Waller be portrayed? As the new or the revamped?