Gone Too Far, a feature film project written by Bola Agbaje, and to be directed by Destiny Ekaragha (both Nigerian Brits) is one of 12 projects shortlisted for Film London’s 4-day boot camp, which is backed by BBC Films, and which includes seminars, masterclasses and mentoring from established directors, writers and producers.

Afterward, the filmmaker teams will be given an extended development period, later pitching their projects to a greenlight panel; and after that, 6 of the 12 feature projects will be greenlit in February 2012, with budgets of up to £120,000, or about $186,000.

Not bad at all…

Congrats to Bola Agbaje and Destiny Ekaragha (who was one of S&A’s young black UK talents to watch when we were first introduced to her in 2009), and their Gone Too Far script, a coming of age comedy based in Peckham, which is based on Agbaje’s Olivier award winning play, about two brothers in a run-down part of South London.

More from Bola’s website:

GONE TOO FAR is a brilliantly funny, sharp and observant coming-of-age comedy in the tradition of The Breakfast Club and Bend it Like Beckham with a strong urban identity in the vein of La Haine and A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints. It’s also an incredibly original and exciting representation of black Britain for the screen; a wonderful opportunity to portray a vibrant group in a way that has never been done before. Set on a small up-beat estate in Peckham, in the heart of the Afro-Carribean community, the film follows a group of kids over a single day as they fight to make their dreams comes true. As the Notting Hill Carnival beats away in NW London, this group of kids are having their own carnival in SE15.

Apparently, a short version was shot for this, which was funded by the UK Film Council last year, and since then, the production team has been working to secure funding to get the feature made.

So, let’s hope that they are 1 of the 12 projects greenlit next February.