Good news for those in New York City who haven't been able to see it yet, since it opened at the IFC Center last weekend; it's apparently been doing very well, and has been extended for a second week (if it wasn't doing well, it would've had its 1-week run, today would've been its last day, and it would've moved on). 

Read Jasmin's positive review to the film HERE.

The filmmakers (who have been, and will continue to make themselves available for Q&As after each evening and weekend screening) sent out the below note this morning, announcing the news (I should also note that they're trying to raise at least $60,000 to continue to expand the release to other cities in the USA and overseas; link to their Kickstarter campaign is in the note):

We're delighted to announce that our theatrical engagement in New York has been extended due to popular demand. This comes at the heels of an already successful Los Angeles engagement. THE IRAN JOB – the story of an American basketball player in Iran – will now play at least one more week at the IFC Center in New York. Please click here for New York show times & the trailer. 

Like last week we will be in attendance for Q&A's after every evening and every weekend show. Our informal post-screening get-togethers have become a regular staple of this run, where we discuss the film with our audience over Belgian beer & fries! (Or simply get drunk 🙂 Please feel free to join us at the Vol de Nuit at 148 W. 4th Street, across the street from the theater after every evening show. Tonight will be in honor of Professor Colette Mazzucelli of New York University who will be bringing a class of international relations students to the show. No worries, it will be some academia and a lot of Belgium beer…


Yesterday we received this message on Facebook: “I was at the Sunday 3pm Matinee showing of The Iran Job. I was delighted to finally see a film that humanizes the people of Iran and shows them in a genuine light. I think that in a society that is being penetrated by misinformation, a film such as yours is crucially important in helping to tone down eminent talks of war while bringing to light the social issues that afflict everyday Iranians.”


As many of you know we are running a Kickstarter campaign with the goal to raise at least $60,000 to expand the release to other cities in America and internationally.


Our campaign ends in 7 days. To date we've raised $45,000 through the generous support from people around the globe. However, since Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing modus we won't receive any of these funds unless we reach our total goal of $60,000.

Here's what one beautiful soul wrote to us this week after she saw the film at the IFC: "I was so moved by your film. My four friends (whom I brought to the show) were too. Bravo. It was touching, human, thought-provoking, funny, political, critically reflective and brilliant… I have saved $500 to give as a gift to a fellow-artist. I want to give it to your kickstarter." 


We would appreciate it immensely if you too would consider supporting this effort by backing the campaign and encouraging others to do the same. You will directly benefit the release of THE IRAN JOB by backing our Kickstarter and sharing the link on facebook, twitter, youtube and email.


Here's the link:


THE IRAN JOB had its Louisiana premiere last night at the New Orleans Film Festival and it will have its Pennsylvania Premiere at the Philadelphia Film Festival this weekend.


Thank you so much for your support and good energy.


Much love and gratitude,


Sara & Till