Fanboys are all worked up in a frenzy over the above tweet from Dwayne Johnson yesterday evening.

The short story goes… as you can see, a fan suggested that Dwayne would be a good fit for either of the 2 DC Comics characters the fan mentions: Gravedigger or John Stewart (aka the black Green Lantern).

And of course, Dwayne Johnson responded to the fans tweet with the words… "Funny U say that.." as if implying that a movie based on a DC Comics character with him starring in it, might indeed be in the works.

You can imagine all the speculation that followed, and that continues this morning, with the questions being, does this mean Dwayne might be involved in an upcoming DC Comics adaptation? And if so, which character? Gravedigger, John Stewart (Green Lantern), or, as the actor told CBM in a past interview, Black Adam, which he said he's very interested in playing. Or was he just having fun with his followers, teasing them a bit.

Surely he knew that it would create a bit of a frenzy. Dude is a mega star with almost 3 million Twitter followers.

I'll toss this one at all you comic book afficionados out there; especially those familiar with the DC Comics universe of characters.

Your thoughts?