Jeezus! This guy just keeps piling on the projects! From one to the next, with practically no breaks between. I guess you get while the getting's good as the saying goes, right?

Dwayne Johnson is said to be attached to star in a new sci-fi action project titled Lore for Warner Bros., which is being described as "Men In Black with mythological creatures.

The script is based on a graphic novel of the same name by Ashley Wood and T.P. Lousie.

Never heard of it, but some digging revealed that this is a project that was actually first announced as a pick up in 2010, when the writers sold the rights to the book; I guess they've spent the last year and a half or so working on the screenplay adaptation which is said to have been sold for 7 figures in what was a bidding war between WB, Paramount and Sony.

The story is said to be about a man who is reluctantly drawn into a secret order calling themselves the Shepherds, who are charged with protecting humanity from the monsters and witches of folklore.

Lore was originally published in 2003 as a five issue limited series.

Anyone read it? If so, thoughts?

No word on when we can expect this, but Dwayne's plate is overflowing with projects right now; he's got some 12 or so projects that are in various stages of development, that are scheduled to be released over the next 2 to 3 years.