nullDwayne "No Sleep" Johnson will star in and produce New Line Cinema’s adaptation of the arcade game "Rampage" – a 1986 game by Bally Midway in which players take control of gigantic monsters trying to survive against onslaughts of military forces. Each round is completed when a particular city is completely reduced to rubble, per Wiki. Up to three simultaneous players control the monsters – a King Kong-like gorilla; a Godzilla-like dinosaur/lizard; and a giant werewolf, created from mutated humans: a middle aged man, a young woman, and an elderly man. As monsters, they need to raze all buildings in a high-rise city to advance to the next level, eating people and destroying helicopters, tanks, taxis, police cars, boats, and trolleys along the way.

Plot details are being kept underwraps, but we can assume the film will borrow from the game’s above summary.

Johnson and partner Dany Garcia will produce through their 7 Bucks Entertainment banner. 

Johnson previously worked New Line on the recent disaster epic "San Andreas," which has earned over $415 million worldwide.

He’s a seemingly very busy man (with non-stop film and TV work), and I’m a fan, but I think he should consider taking some time off, allowing his fans to miss him for a little bit. On his upcoming slate, all set to be released in 2016 and 2017, "Journey 3: From the Earth to the Moon," "Journey to the Center of the Earth 4," "Big Trouble in Little China," "Central Intelligence," "Furious 8," and more, including today’s announced project. 

Currently, he’s starring in the new HBO series "Ballers," which premiered last Sunday.