nullAt the 1st edition of DISCOP Abidjan, EbonyLife TV has announced a strategic partnership with SUMMVIEW ( enabling the launch of a premium multi-screen VOD platform. The accessibility of the service on mobile application (Apple Store, Google Play Store) and online platforms (, will allow EbonyLife TV to offer African Diaspora users around the world, the ability to access "African-made on-demand content."

"We at EbonyLife TV are very excited that our teeming audiences in the Diaspora can now catch up on EbonyLife TV on-the-go! With this Premium SVOD platform, EbonyLife TV expands its range of services and mobile applications and provides the African Diaspora subscribers, outside of Africa, an innovative offering of premium quality content made in Nigeria for the World. The ‘one stop shop’ offer of SUMMVIEW allowed mastering the costs and securing the roll-out," said Ms. Mo Abudu, Executive Chairman and CEO of EBONYLIFE TV.

Denis Pagnac, CEO SUMMVIEW added: "SUMMVIEW is pleased to deploy its Premium VOD Platform for EbonyLife TV. SUMMVIEW’s platform is designed to meet the specific needs of each client, allowing EbonyLife TV to propose its unique catalog of African content to a worldwide audience."

This should be great news for those of you interested in checking out EbonyLife TV’s offerings, like the recent retooling of ABC’s "Desperate Housewives" dramedy series, "Desperate Housewives: Africa," which features a pan-African cast, and is set in Lagos, Nigeria, where it’s being filmed. It premiered last month, airing in 44 countries within the African continent.